Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi everyone. If you are here because I closed my pinterest board...a short explanation. By having a pinterest account, you give them license to whatever images you post...and they can do as they wish with them. There is also the possibility that you could get charged with copyright infringement by posting images from around the web that are copyrighted. If you read Pinterest's Terms of Use, it even implies that if Pinterest is sued for copyright infringement, Pinterest could turn around and sue you for what you have posted. Granted, I don't feel at this point that anyone would want my images, but that is not the point. These are things I have created...they belong to me and no one else. Nor do I want to be caught up in a lawsuit over copyright by pinning things from others. Very few of us really read the Terms of Use or Terms of Service when we sign up to use a service. Flickr has a similar Term of Service. The content you put on Flickr becomes their intellectual property, so I also closed my Flickr account. This may seem like it's of small importance, but to me it's vital. Theft is theft in my eyes, no matter if someone breaks into my home or if someone uses an image of something I created, and I cannot condone it by continuing to use that service. So...enough rant....welcome to my site no matter why...feel free to comment or just take a look...and come back soon!

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