Monday, May 7, 2012

Paperclay Embellishments

Have you seen the new kits out there for making your own embellishments from Paperclay? They are great but very pricey (around $32.00 for each kit!) Well, you can make your own "kit" for a lot less money and it will go much further. The kits I have seen come with 4 ounces of white clay, 2 ounces each of red, blue, yellow and brown, a color mixing chart and a couple of silicone molds.

Paperclay is a white clay that air dries in 24 hours. It can be sanded, sculpted or molded. It dries hard and sturdy, but very lightweight, which makes it perfect for cards and scrapbook layouts. This white clay can be colored while still wet. Pinch off some of the white clay and use just a couple of drops of acrylic craft paint to mix into the clay with your hands...sort of like pulling taffy. More paint can be added to intensify the color, or you can combine paint colors to create your own color. Or you can leave the clay white, and paint the item once it is dry with acrylic paints. Waterbased colorants are not recommended because they tend to bleed.

The company that makes these kits also has extra silicone molds to purchase, but again they are expensive. Do a web search...silicone molds are sold everywhere. I purchased some in an Etsy shop that were less than half the price of the kit ones. Even silicone candy molds work.

This site sells the paperclay cheaper than I have found anywhere else ($7.99!)... You are getting ONE POUND of white paperclay for that price, compared to the 4 ounces in the kit.

I bought 3 silicone molds from Etsy. I had acrylic crafters paint (don't we all???) The total cost for my kit...And keep in mind I have FOUR times the white clay as the commercial kit...$17.00!

You can make some really pretty embellies...I now have roses and daisies in almost every color LOL

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