Saturday, March 10, 2012

interesting couple of days

It's been an interesting couple of days for me creatively. I saw a pair of shoes I fell in love with...and the colors were neon pink, neon yellow and neon orange. Normally, I don't like pink or orange, but these were just gorgeous. It got me to thinking about the color combination (yes, I get inspiration in strange I challenged myself to create a card using only those colors. My first attempt was awful...I had ordered some papers of those colors, but they were not the neon shades...just bright pink, orange and a yellow. I tried color blocks, geometric designs, die cut shapes...nothing worked for me. I got some neon shades of those colors, thinking perhaps it was the faded colors that put me off. Again, I tried several things, none of which appealed to me. Needless to say, I hit an all time high frustration level over this. I did a lot of cursing, some crying, some "poor me, I will never be good at this", etc. Then I sat back and did some thinking. Okay...I love these colors on the shoes, but I do NOT like working with these colors, and the only person I have telling me I have to work with them is myself. So I gave myself permission to NOT work with those colors anymore. Then I decided the best way to get over this mess was to create something I DO like. And this is what I came up with:

Simple, but pretty...LOL

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